"I’m appealing to all the people who are travelling back from these five regions of Italy or from China. The operational instruction is very simple. If we’re coming back from those regions and we’re sick, we have to inform the health services about it. They’ll send us to the isolation ward. I’m also appealing to the people who want to use this situation to make political capital. The situation concerns patients and their safety. We can’t use this situation politically. Let’s try to be responsible and act in accordance with the instructions available on the website of the Ministry of Health and of the Main Sanitation Department", stated Minister Szumowski.

Michał Dworczyk, the head of the chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland, went on to add:

"We want to begin the wide-scale information campaign tomorrow. As Minister Szumowski said, unfortunately, there are many irresponsible politicians out there who are trying to scare Poles. In our opinion, reliable information is very important, and that is why we’ll start the wide-scale informative action about the coronavirus and what action to take in order to prevent infection. We’re organizing this action for all the people who suspect that they could be sick or could have had contact with  infected people". 

Please remember to carefully wash your hands and keep proper hygiene!