The bill signed today by President Andrzej Duda introduces the new benefit, the annual 13th pension payment. It amounts to the the minimum full pension set by law and paid to every retiree. This year it is 1200 zlotys gross or 981 zloty after tax.

"This payment will not lower any other social benefits. The same with the disability benefit", stated president Duda.

The minister of family, labor, and social policy, Marlena Maląg said that the government was dealing today with a new proposal of the 14th pension. According to that new plan, the 14th pension would be paid from next year onwards, to those with an income threshold of 2,900 zlotys, which is for those retirees receiving less than 120 percent of the average benefit in Poland.

"Retirees and other pensioners, who will be receiving less than 2900 zlotys as of October 31, 2021, will receive this 14th payment in the amount of the minimum full benefit set by law at the time. Payments will happen in November and December of 2021", said minister Maląg.

According to estimates by, 22 percent of retirees receive benefits above the 2,900 zloty threshold. The cost of the 13th pension this year will be almost 12 billion zloty. Payment of the additional pension is set for April.