President Andrzej Duda asked for a special sitting of the lower chamber of parliament or Sejm concerning the coronavirus outbreak. The president wants the government to inform the Sejm, and through that the public, about the contingency plans for fighting the disease which sooner or later is going to find its way to Poland. The Polish head of state also wants the government to introduce legislative solutions which will enable the authorities to efficiently deal with the SARS-CoV-2. The opposition, on the other hand, believes that the president should call for the meeting of the Council of National Security instead of a special sitting of the Sejm. The Civic Platform party stressed that three weeks ago it had proposed a bill which would make it possible for the authorities to quarantine or hospitalise those infected with the coronavirus. As of now, if someone were to be diagnosed with the virus, it would only be a matter of good will of the said person to remain quarantined, as no laws are in place which could force someone to do that. Politicians of the Civic Platform are saddened by the fact that the draft of their bill hasn't yet been considered by the ruling Law and Justice party. Meanwhile, the government authorities are asking people to remain calm and not spread unnecessary panic. There are around 20 people in the country who are possibly infected, but there have been no confirmed cases so far. The sitting asked for by the president may take place as soon as this week. Tomorrow, there will be a special debate on the subject of SARS-CoV-2 in the Senate with experts from the ministry of health providing the senators with what information they have.