"The fact that we are a serious business partner in Europe, the fact that they take into account our opinion more and more, the fact that we’re implementing our plans - all this is a direction that we’re not going to give up. This is the goal that we set and decided to achieve. Poland has ambitious goals now and it will have them for the next decade. They say that ‘faith can move mountains’. We don’t want to move our beautiful mountains, but we want our economy to develop and reach an even higher level. The competitiveness of our businessmen, the salaries of our employees - we want them to be higher. Because of this, we want Poland to become a better place to live for all Poles. During our first term of office, we’ve shown that Poland is the country that treats everyone equally and that gets rid of inequality wherever it exists. During our second term of office, we want to focus on building a strong, brave, ambitious Poland. Ladies and gentlemen, we proved that what was impossible for many people, became reality. That is why we’re setting a new ambitious goal. And we will fulfill it for Poland", said the Prime Minister in his speech.