The coronavirus has already reached 68 countries across the world. The first two cases have now been confirmed in Indonesia. New cases of infection have also been discovered in Germany, Scotland and the Czech Republic. The situation in Italy is stabilising after the virus took the lives of 52 people. Some tourist areas in Milan and other cities, apart from Lombardy and Veneto, have been reopened to the public.

The World Health Organisation said that in the Chinese Hubei province and in the city of Wuhan, the number of infections has significantly decreased, so the temporary hospital for the infected will be closed soon.

"I took the subway here today. I think there are more people on the subway and also on the street compared with last week. I think that gradually there will be better changes by the middle of March. The whole country is paying close attention to this issue and everyone has to wear masks when they're outside. If we do well following these precautions to prevent any further outbreak, then I think it will be over very soon", said a Chinese citizen.

In many countries, people have been buying surgical masks. However, the Chief Surgeon of the US, Jerome Adam appealed on Twitter for people not to give into panic and purchase these masks, as they do not offer protection from infection. 87 thousand people have fallen sick around the world from the SARS-CoV-2, and more than 3 thousand have lost their lives. Most of the infections and deaths have occurred in China.