"We have confirmed four new cases. As previously said, we expect several more cases in the near future. One patient is a person who traveled on the bus from Germany. Because the tests were conducted, we could confirm they were, in fact, infected with the COVID-19 virus. There are also two patients who returned from Italy and are in Szczecin, as well as one patient in Wrocław who tested positively for the virus. All of the patients are being cared for. According to the report of the main sanitary inspector, Mr. Jarosław Pinkas, all those who have come into contact with the patients have been accounted for. The two patients in Szczecin performed according to instructions – they came forward, informing the relevant sanitary services that they arrived from an area of high risk. The likelihood of them contracting the virus was defined as moderately high, but were asymptomatic. They were quarantined at home and were given medical dismissal from work remotely. They fell ill during their quarantine, informed the sanitary inspectorate and were redirected to the hospital and have been placed under medical care. This virus is moderately contagious, unlike influenza, but has a higher risk in the older age group. Of the dozen or so who are in Ostróda we have confirmed one positive result, but other potential contact options are all being mapped by sanitary services", stated the Polish Minister of Health.