Minister Szumowski stated at a press conference: 

"From the information received today, all patients in Poland with coronavirus are feeling relatively well. There is no immediate threat to their lives. At the same time, I would like to say that from the talks with ministers of European countries in which more cases have been confirmed, it is extremely important to be responsible during home quarantine. If someone is under quarantine, please be responsible and do not put others at risk. I will only remind you that breaking the quarantine can be the basis and be subject to the penal code, but mainly I appeal for reason and responsibility. I appeal to everyone not to take out reserves for months ahead, because it pharmacies may run out of products, and we do not want such situations. The same applies to food or products for personal hygiene - if someone is buying supplies for many months, it is not reasonable when taking into consideration the scale of the phenomenon. Therefore, let us behave rationally".