The Polish head of state gave a following statement at a special press conference:

“We’re proud to announce the creation of the special Medical Fund with an annual budget of 2 billion 750 million zloty which will be supporting the regular health care, namely in oncology for children and for patients with the so-called rare diseases. It will be an auxiliary fund for the treatment of Poles". 

The president was accompanied by the minister of health, Łukasz Szumowski who added: 

“It’s an additional fund which won’t be replacing regular health care. It doesn’t mean that we will be cutting funding for other areas of health care, we will keep raising it for all kinds of treatment like psychiatry for children, which now has a budget of nearly 250 million zloty. We allocated 11 billion for oncology. These are huge amounts but there are still some areas we want to improve, like medicine which are not yet being refunded. I believe that such an additional emergency tool is a very good solution which we definitely needed".