"In the next couple of days, the number of the infected people is expected to increase. Once again, I would like to appeal to everyone to stay calm and sensible. Infectious diseases hospitals still have many rooms left and are able to take care of those infected. Our plan is to make even more rooms available in infectious hospitals or isolation wards. If the situation becomes worse, we will be able to transform other hospitals into infectious diseases hospitals", stated Łukasz Szumowski, the Polish minister of health. 

The minister of interior and administration, Mariusz Kamiński added:

"The sanitary post that we organized today will be open 24h. There will be a dozen officers of a few formations there, including Border Patrol, Police, Firefighters, National Revenue Administration and Road Transport Inspectorate. We want public transport to be covered by the sanitary control. There also will be an ambulance. If there is a person who tries to cross the border and has symptoms of the coronavirus, he or she will be transported to the proper hospital immediately".