The number of infected around the world keeps rising. There are currently over 110 thousand confirmed cases and 4 thousand deaths. According to WHO officials, the question of the coronavirus becoming a global epidemic depends on the situation in four countries where there has been the biggest number of infections – China, South Korea, Iran and Italy.

The number of the infected and deaths caused by the virus grow in the United States. 717 cases were confirmed in 32 states. As many as 26 people have died. The “Grand Princess” cruise ship finally docked in the port in Oakland, where 21 people were confirmed to have been infected. There are 3,500 people on board the ship, five of whom are Poles. The local authorities decided that the passengers are to be sent to two military hospitals in Texas and Georgia where they will be further quarantined. The crew of the ship will remain under quarantine on board.

Some better news came from South Korea, where the centre for disease control and prevention announced that the daily number of new infections is at its lowest for 11 days.