A 57-year-old woman died of coronavirus. The next of kin had been notified before authorities went public about her death.

"It shows the seriousness of the situation. This shows that the threat of coronavirus is not hypothetical, it is a serious infection for some people, for people who are weaker than us and we should take care not to expose them to such serious consequences that we have just mentioned", stated Łukasz Szumowski, the minister of health. 

Jadwiga Emilewicz, the undersecretary of state in the ministry of development, appealed to employers to implement special measures: "We recommend that all meetings take place today using modern technologies. There is no need for us to meet in large groups in small rooms. Now the best way to counteract the spread of the virus is to limit contact".

The president announced that he initiated talks with the representatives of financial institutions concerned the situation in the banking sector. Talks have a goal to find ways how the banking sector can additionally secure the interests of its clients and create additional collateral and additional forms of good cooperation for them.

"I asked representatives of the financial sector to create conditions for suspending the repayment of loans for a period of at least several months... Suspension of loan repayment should be easy so that you do not have to submit a number of certificates and documents, so that you can do it remotely", stated president Duda.

To date, 51 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Poland.