Emil Karewicz, a great film and theatre actor has died. He was mainly known from his roles as Hermann Brunner in “Stakes Larger Than Life” and Władysław Jagiełło in the “Teutonic Order”. He was born on March 13th 1923 in Vilnius. He took part in the war in the Second Polish Army, with which he went to Berlin. Following the war, he made his theatrical debut in the “Coast” theatre in Gdańsk where he performed as a waiter in the so-called “Bachelors’ Club” by Michał Bałucki. In 1950, he debuted on the silver screen in “Warsaw Premiere” by Jan Rybkowski. He quickly rose to fame thanks to his role as Herman Brunner, the main antagonist in the TV series “Stakes Larger Than Life” next to Stanisław Mikulski, who played Hans Kloss. The late actor also performed in many other theatres, including the “Drama Theatre” in Warsaw or the “New Theatre” in Łódź. What’s more, Emil Karewicz was an ambassador of the Veteran Artists’ Home in Skolimowo. He was 97.