"We have been alarmed by the frequent instances of visits to regular hospital emergency rooms by persons infected with the coronavirus and their interaction with medical staff who are caught off guard by this irresponsible behavior. Maybe saying <<frequent>> is a bit of an exaggeration, but unfortunately it does happen. I have appealed to all: do not withhold the information that you might be infected. Please do not go to the clinic or an emergency room, when you know that you might be ill with coronavirus. Please go to the infectious hospital and allow yourself to be tested. That is the proper behavior. After hospital triage, the personnel will make a decision whether you need to be hospitalized. We have plenty of capacity in the hospitals at the moment and if you are required to stay you will be placed in the infectious diseases ward immediately. If you withhold the information that you might be infected with coronavirus and you go to the regular emergency room at a regular hospital, unfortunately because of such irresponsible behavior the medical staff might become infected as well as other patients. Here I make an important appeal: do not hide if you have the infection", stated the Polish Minister of Health, Łukasz Szumowski.