"Acting together in a sense of national unity and solidarity, we have so far prevented a rapid increase in the number of infected people. The emptiness in the streets of Polish cities is not a view that we are happy to see, but in the current situation it inspires hope and is a testimony to the wisdom and responsibility of Poles. We have a decisive time ahead of us: according to specialists, we are approaching a key breakthrough moment in the fight against the epidemic, so I appeal to everyone to mobilize even more, I appeal for even more discipline. Let's stay at home, and follow the recommendations. Let us not risk the health and lives of ourselves and others. Let us remember the experiences of other countries - the rapidly growing number of infections and illnesses is always the result of recklessness and disregard for basic safety rules. In these difficult days for all of us, I thank the sanitary, medical, and uniformed services from the bottom of my heart. I thank the soldiers of the Polish Army and those of you who secure access to the most necessary services and goods. You show special fortitude, your devotion and professionalism arouse peace, trust and authentic admiration in the hearts of Poles. They also inspire us to help those in need", stated the Polish head of state.