Italy is still struggling with the coronavirus epidemic. Despite the strict preventative measures taken by the government, the situation in the country is very serious. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that only companies and institutions crucial to the state’s existence will be allowed to continue operating.

"I decided that all of us, together, should face this challenge. It is the most difficult situation we have had to face since the end of the war. We are witnessing scenes which are deeply hurting us all and will forever remain in our memory", stated Conte in a dramatic address to the nation.

The decrease in the number of new infections, especially in the centres of the outbreak in Bergamo and Brescia in Lombardy, may suggest that the situation could be slowly stabilising thanks to these desperate measures. Meanwhile, doctors and special equipment are arriving in the country to help stop the virus. The most recent aid came from Cuba and Russia.

Unsettling news comes from Great Britain, where despite the closed pubs, clubs and restaurants a huge growth in the number of infections has occurred. Many British citizens ignore the warnings and continue to go out which is accelerating the increase in the number of infections. Prime Minister Boris Johnson appealed to his compatriots not to go outside without a good reason.

In the meantime, US president, Donald Trump described his country’s efforts to fight COVID-19 as a “national test” which the American nation will pass victoriously.