Following the emergency session the restrictions unofficially talked about since yesterday were introduced – the so-called “national quarantine”. Poles are now allowed to walk outside only when they have to get to work, do essential shopping, go to pharmacies, visit a doctor, or take a dog for a walk. All gatherings of more than two people are now forbidden, not including families. All parks and playgrounds will be closed as well.


"Activities like taking a dog for a walk or simply going for a run are of course essential, also for our mental health, but it doesn’t mean we should be gathering on public squares or taking our kids to playgrounds. Dear compatriots, let’s take care not only of our own lives, but also keep in mind all the doctors and nurses who work so hard to save us", stated Minister Szumowski.


There are also new limitations regarding public transport – every second seat in buses and trams now has to be empty, no one should sit next to each other. New restrictions are in place concerning Holy Mass too. The number of faithful allowed during a single Mass is drastically reduced.


“Only five people can now meet for Holy Mass, not including the priest. This is the same for funerals, not including the employees of funeral homes”, added the Minister of Health.


When asked about the upcoming presidential elections, the Prime Minister responded by saying that the government hopes that the situation will be under control after Easter.


“We aim to have a stable situation after Easter so that Poles may go back to work. We hope everything will be back to normal by then. I see no reason for the high school matura exams or the presidential elections not to take place”, said PM Morawiecki.


For breaking the ban on public gatherings the police can give a fine up to five thousand zloty. The restrictions are in force until April 11th.