"Ladies and gentleman, the coronavirus pandemic is not only a threat to our health, but also to our lives. It is also a threat to our economy, which we have been building for many years. Many companies and sectors have frozen their activity. World trade has stopped as well. Leaders of the largest countries in the world, as well as experts, are warning that the effects of the economic crisis will be very serious. The testing time for the Polish economy has come. It might be the most difficult testing time we’ve had in decades. We won’t be able to avoid this storm completely. The government has prepared an ‘anti-crisis shield’. Its purpose is to protect us during the battle, because there will be a fight. We have to fight for our economy, our companies and work places. The anti-crisis shield will be changing. We will be changing it and adapting it to the current situation. The state is on the side of employees and businesses. We need to see solidarity during this extraordinary time. We have to play in one team. The total amount of the anti-crisis shield will reach at least 10% of the entire Polish gross domestic product. It is the biggest Polish support package in history. The Polish state will help employees and employers in this difficult situation. The state will cover 40% of salaries for the workers. It’ll support those self-employed and those who work under civil law contracts. It’ll extend the guarantee for small and medium companies. It’ll open new loan possibilities in order to maintain financial liquidity. It’ll introduce reliefs regarding social security contributions. Businessmen can count on the support package and financial leverage. Many measures worked out during many meetings and debates will help as well. I would like to thank everyone for these talks. I would like to thank trade unions, companies and businessmen. We will do everything we can to stop the pandemic and at the same time we will be fighting to protect the Polish economy, Polish companies and employees. The difficult time is ahead of us, but we need to see solidarity in action and to take care of our families", stated the head of the Polish government.