“The elections cannot take place on May 10th. I’ve been trying to convince the entire political class for a long time now to end this matter as soon as possible and concentrate on the only thing that counts – the lives and health of Poles and the financial security of Polish families. We, the Agreement party, proposed to postpone the elections by one year. The Law and Justice party did not agree to this. Then, we made another offer, to postpone the elections by two years. It was rejected by the opposition. That’s why, as a responsible politician, I handed in my resignation yesterday. We are also preparing a non-partisan consensus to resolve the situation", stated the former vice PM.

Minister Bortniczuk added:

“I would like to inform you that today I will also be handing in my resignation from the position of deputy Minister of State Funds and Regional Policy to give myself similar credibility to that of Mr. Gowin in the actions which we are going to take with him. In the next 30 days we will be talking with politicians, mainly politicians of the opposition since we have the support of the Law and Justice party and a signature of its leader, Jarosław Kaczyński. Yesterday, I personally filed a motion to amend the regulations of the Sejm so the constitution could be changed in a shorter time than 14 days, so before May 10th. It’s a very probable scenario. Let me stress this again, it’s in the competence of the Polish parliament to change the constitution, not in the competence of the Council of Ministers"