The President stated in a televised address that "hydroxychloroquine can save lives of coronavirus patients and should be used in the initial stages of COVID-19." Meanwhile, the left-wing opposition encouraged its supporters to protest against the president by stepping out on the balconies to bang on pots and pans. The raw material of the anti-malaria drug is due to arrive from India, following President Bolsonaro’s personal intervention in the issue.

"As a result of my direct conversation with the Prime Minister of India, on Saturday we will receive raw material to continue producing hydroxychloroquine", stated the head of state of Brazil.

Brazil’s health authorities have so far limited the drug’s use to helping seriously ill patients who are being hospitalized.

"Everyone should be tuned in with me. Always affirm that we had 2 problems to solve: the virus and unemployment, and that they should be treated simultaneously. I respect the autonomy of the governors and mayors, many measures, restrictive or not, are their sole responsibility", added president Bolsonaro.

U.S President Donald Trump was the first president to ensure that the treatment for malaria could be used as therapy against the coronavirus.