In the interview, the chairman of the ruling party stated:

"Firstly we had the political party the “Center Agreement”, which supported  government of Jan Olszewski, which was appointed by the Center Agreement, and then we have his influence on the case of Russia’s Russian in our country which were to be transformed into corporations and continue their operations, which in turn would prevent Poland from joining NATO. That one is enough to recognize that Olszewski’s government was historically successful, and apart from this he stopped, temporarily, the extremely, unfair process of privatization which was been carried out without observing any rules of decency. Then there was his victorious campaign for Mayor of  Warsaw. Later he won the presidential election, paving for our party’s first government and the two years it was in power. Those years were difficult, full of complications, but very important. After that came 8 years with the Civic Platform party in power, but Lech Kaczynski continued as president until his death. His policy was international in terms of Polish security, internal in terms of our tradition, historical in terms of strengthening and restoring the memory of the Solidarity movement and of the people. All of this caused Poland to change, even under horrible Civic Platform government. This finally opened the way to our second government in 2015, although at that moment my brother, late Lech Kaczyński, had already been dead for 5 years. However, it was over these 5 years when we won these elections – both presidential and parliamentary. In short, we owe our success to him. This is the premise of his writing into Polish history in a very serious way as one of the most prominent people of modern Polish history."