"Today's plan, which had been strengthened substantially, the plan for rebuilding the local roads, proposed 2 years ago and continuing to develop one year ago, was additionally strengthened with the component of bringing Poland out of the current economic crisis towards the road of a prosperous economy. It is strengthened with additional elements of the fight against coronavirus and in particular with its economic fallout. We need to take offensive action to stimulate the economy on many levels. The fund for the local roads consists of more than 3 billion zlotys and this is not our last word. I do realize that there are some liberal groups in Poland who say that we are facing hard times and we're all feeling the pinch. They say that this is the wrong time to increase our budget deficit, the wrong time to increase our public debt. They say that we need to lower the funds for our various social programs, including the 500+ program. This is the wrong approach, the wrong way. We absolutely will not follow that road. We not only aren’t putting our heads in the sand, but we stand on the front line of the European Union, putting together the economic shield for our micro, small, medium and big enterprises. This is in order to save work places, in order to bear the lightest possible consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. All of our actions are designed to lift the Polish economy as soon as the number of coronavirus infections will be under control. We are ready to implement those plans as soon as the statistics of the number of deaths and infections will indicate those steps to be feasible", stated the head of the Polish government.