"As of today 20 retirement homes are under the quarantine regimen. This comprises 2.4 percent of all retirement facilities in Poland. The number of residents with a positive coronavirus test is, and please listen, 247 persons. Out of this number 48 people stay at the retirement homes and the rest are hospitalized. We have 87 retirement home workers who have tested positive for coronavirus, which is 15 hundredths of one percent of the total number of healthcare workers in Poland. In the retirement home facilities, and I want to stress this again and again, it is the government who is extending helping hand to the teams managing those facilities, to those who are running operations there on a daily basis and have been given specific procedures and equipped with the personal safety gear. In addition to that, the government transferred additional funds in the amount of 20 million zlotys to the retirement home facilities through voivodeship channels. And this is not the end of the government assistance, which will be continued", stated the Marlena Maląg, the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy.