"The number of tests performed has unfortunately decreased in comparison to the previous day, so far today we have performed 11 thousand tests. What is very important, and what is very comforting for two days in a row now, is the increase in the number of people who have recovered from the disease. For the second day in a row we have recorded over 200 people who have recovered, completed the process of hospitalization or home isolation. Currently, we have 2690 patients with COVID-19 in infectious hospitals. 146 people are connected to ventilators, and this is the most important number that shows the efficiency of the health system in Poland. When we say that we have within the limits of 1500 ventilators and 146 are busy - for a long time, as you could see these numbers vary between 120 and 150 – you can see we have a really large buffer in terms of ventilators and hospital beds themselves. However, this does not allow us to sit back and not prepare for possible scenarios, which can always happen if something bad occurs, if there are too many contacts between people. For this reason we are prepared to increase the number of both ventilators and hospital beds", commented the spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Wojciech Andrusiewicz.