Jarosław Gowin, after having officially disagreed with the Law and Justice party pushing for the elections to take place at the due date in May, and having stepped down from the position of deputy prime minister, has met with representatives of the opposition to try and work out a solution for postponing the elections by changing the constitution and introducing a 7 year term of office for the head of state. Recently, it was also rumoured that the leader of the Civic Platform, the largest opposition party, Borys Budka was to offer Gowin the position of future prime minister if he left the Agreement. Now, even more rumours are circulating, stating that Gowin would become the Speaker of the Sejm but on the opposition’s motion.

Yesterday, Jan Filip Libicki from the Polish People's Party commented on Twitter:

"Hey, members and fans of the Law and Justice party! After all, it seems like there is a new majority in the Parliament. To defend the result of the proceedings of the “post bill” by the Senate and to choose a new speaker of the lower chamber of parliament :) @newPSL".

These speculations were firmly denied on Twitter by the deputy Speaker of the Sejm, Ryszard Terlecki.

"Elżbieta Witek is the speaker of the Sejm and Jarosław Gowin is currently a regular MP. If someone in the Agreement party believes that for someone’s sick ambitions the Law and Justice party will agree to any changes then they are wrong".

Former members of the anti-Communist opposition and political prisoners during the Communist-era also appealed to the MPs of the Agreement party.

"There is no doubt that this government made some mistakes and errors, but even its honest critics realise that the alternative would be catastrophic. It is easy to predict what would happen to our – efficient for the first time since 1989 – efforts to reach energetic independence (…) Ladies and gentlemen, we appeal to your consciences to take a far-sighted look at our Homeland’s situation, to put aside your own plans and ambitions. Today, the only thing that counts is the Polish Republic’s well-being, not the personal satisfaction of this or that politician", was written in the letter.

More than 70 activists signed the appeal, including such personas as e.g. Andrzej and Joanna Gwiazda.