Błażej Spychalski, the spokesman for the President of Poland, wrote on Twitter today: "Polish President Andrzej Duda appointed judge Kamil Zaradkiewicz to perform duties of the First President of the Supreme Court until the General Assembly of Supreme judges is convened".

Małgorzata Gersdorf responded by saying: "The nomination is invalid. This decision was made in order to hold presidential elections. I’m leaving the Supreme Court in the hands of its judges - in good hands".

President Andrzej Duda commented on the matter in the following way: "It is the obligation of Judge Zaradkiewicz to convene the General Assembly of Supreme Court judges in order to appoint the new First President of the Supreme Court. I hope that it is going to happen very soon. What exactly is going to happen? I hope that 5 candidates will be selected by the judges in accordance with the bill. The President of Poland will make the final decision. I want to meet the candidates first, and then I will make my decision".