Jarosław Kaczyński and Jarosław Gowin have proposed that once the date of the May 10th elections passes, and since they expect the Supreme Court to declare the elections null and void, the speaker of the lower house of parliament is to announce a new date for the elections. The Supreme Court has 30 days to decide on the validity of the elections planned for May 10th. As the leader of the Agreement party explained, the additional changes to the absentee ballot election bill will be necessary and work on them has already begun.

"We have agreed on a solution which, I believe, is to serve our nation, and democracy, well. The elections will not take place in May. The new date of the elections, or rather the date of the new elections, is to be announced by the speaker of the sejm once the Supreme Court rules the coming elections null and void, based on the obvious fact that they did not take place", the former vice Prime Minister commented on the matter.

The agreement between Kaczyński and Gowin extinguished a political storm, which was expected to follow a possible split of the United Right. Incumbent President Andrzej Duda expressed his satisfaction regarding this turn of events.

"I am taking part in this presidential race in order to win. Yes, I would like to secure a second term of office, as this is possible according to the Polish constitution. I would like to take the opportunity to continue work on all reforms and programs I have started. I hope that the Polish voters will make it clear that they want me to continue. The best conditions for this are guaranteed by the Law and Justice party, which, together with other parties in the United Right coalition, constitute a majority in parliament", stated president Andrzej Duda, running for re-election.

As the elections planned for May 10th have not been cancelled, the election silence will come into effect this coming weekend. A temporary ban on political campaigning will be imposed on Polish politicians, voters, and media.