"We had some rain recently, it was quite good in some areas, and that repaired a little of the drought situation. That is, as I say, repaired a little, but it is just temporary and might last just a few more weeks. We still count on the traditional May rainfall and we are hoping that we get some more rain in this month of May. The saturation of the ground will be better thanks to that. Despite recent rains, we have recorded that the periods without rain are becoming more and more pronounced in recent years. That prompts us to introduce a special bill which is going to help to deal with this drought problem, which has been increasing in recent years in Poland", stated the Polish head of state.

"We want to change or correct those things the farmers are bringing to us with regard to the hydro politics in our country. That means changing the regulations in licencing and, in my opinion, too much red tape surrounds all the processes of obtaining permits for hydro projects. The special bill goes in the direction to make farmers’ lives easier", added Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, the Minister of Agriculture.