The opposition said Morawiecki's government was full of lies...

“We’ve had enough of your lies. What we witnessed just now is a farce, an attempt to hide the incompetence of this government. Why didn’t Mr. Prime Minister talk about the stud in Janów? Why didn’t he mention the one million electric cars? Why didn’t he talk about how his government made its friends from banking rich by purchasing the PKO SA Bank from the Italians for 123 zloty per share, when it is now worth 54 zloty. You destroyed the Alior Bank, as you paid 89 zloty per share, and now it is worth 16 zloty. You destroy everything you touch”, stated Borys Budka, the leader of the Civic Platform.

“It was one of the most shameless speeches in the history of this chamber. As usual, you said a lot about history, but it wasn’t a historic speech, but a hysteric one. It was simply a promotion for Andrzej Duda, your typical dividing of the nation. Instead of reading “Die Welt”, you should start reading letters from Polish entrepreneurs who had to either shut down their businesses or suspend their activities. You should listen to 600 thousand employees who are out of their jobs since December, to farmers who haven’t received drought aid, to people with rare diseases who are still waiting to receive help from the state”, added Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, the leader of the Polish People's Party.

Prime Minister Morawiecki responded by saying:

“What Poles need today is, first and foremost, efficiency and justice. They need our activities to have real influence on their health and on the economy. Under these circumstances, they don’t need your conflicts, your ruckus, your substitute subjects you invoke to hide your incompetence. Poles don’t need your pettifogging nor your shouting. They need stability and peace and for us to act for the good of the Republic of Poland. In recent days, I talked to Mr. President and he proposed to stop this festival of quarrels you’re constantly orchestrating. If you have the majority, give us the vote of no-confidence. If not, stop scheming, stop poisoning the air, stop coming up with substitute subjects. One time it’s the dismissal of Minister Sasin, today the dismissal of Minister Szumowski, and you also announce that you will attempt to dismiss Ministers Ziobro and Kamiński. All of these are political tricks to take the public’s attention away from reality. Meanwhile, the reality is that we’re slowly leaving one of the deepest crises we’ve had in the past 30 years, at least. Let us work, don’t interrupt”.

Speaker of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek announced that 456 MPs voted, 235 were for, 219 against and two abstained, resulting in the vote of confidence for the Council of Ministers.