"The issue of Warsaw's reprivatisation scandal cannot be summarised in this way. It cannot be concluded by the fact that this man, who stood on the side of the wronged and acted for the benefit of the inhabitants and the public interest, is punished in such a severe way. Among other things, in addition to the paying of a fine, in addition to the payment of fees, an order has been issued that the judgment be made public, as a criminal measure. The President, taking into account the principle of humanitarianism and other circumstances, such as the principle of justice, has pardoned Mr Śpiewak", stated Paweł Mucha, the deputy head of the president's chancellery.


Śpiewak himself commented on the matter on Twitter:


"Thank you for this pardon, Mr President. I've always stood by the people and acted in the interest of the public. Nevertheless, I am the sole person who has been convicted twice in connection with the reprivatization scandal. The Warsaw court named me a criminal for disclosing the role of the daughter of the former Minister of Justice in the illegal reprivatisation of a tenement house in Warsaw’s Ochota district. My trial was held in violation of elementary standards of the rule of law. The court's verdict undermined the foundations of democracy: freedom of speech and the right to criticise the mighty of this world. Therefore, I used the path provided for in the Polish Constitution. Today, justice has been served".