"We care about freedom. That is why we have introduced a provision so parents may send their children to school at the age of 6, but they are not forced to do so. That’s because they're supposed to have freedom of choice. That's why we lowered the retirement age, as I promised. So that there would be the freedom to retire early, as there once used to be. The previous government of the Civic Platform and Polish People’s parties raised the retirement age against the will of Polish society, breaking all promises. We lowered it to the previous level, precisely so that you would have this freedom. Whether you want to take an early retirement or continue working. That's what giving freedom to your compatriots is. Finally, we want to ensure freedom through great investment. For example, the Vistula Spit crossroads - to give the freedom to enter the Polish waters of the Vistula Lagoon. Until now, we had to ask the Russians for permission to enter Polish territorial waters from the Baltic Sea. I hope that soon it will not be necessary to do so and it will be possible to enter the Vistula Lagoon from the Gulf of Gdansk through the channel that is currently being built there. This is an investment that serves Polish freedom and the freedom of all of us. It also serves the economic development of Poland. It is also an investment in infrastructure I mentioned earlier - it is also supposed to ensure freedom, like the freedom to choose where to live. So that it is easy to get anywhere, so that it is easy to get information or send the results of your work via the Internet. This is what freedom is all about, I want to build a free, modern, well-developed Poland together with you. That's why I'm styanding for re-election to the office of the President of the Republic of Poland. I ask for your support, because I believe that you want such a Poland too. A modern Poland, but based on values. Modern, but caring for the family. Modern, but safe for the family. Modern, but safe for the children. So that the family can raise their children the way parents want to. Because it is also a question of their freedom", stated the incumbent President Andrzej Duda.