“The “Family Act” signed by President Duda guarantees social benefits for families and special care from the state for them. The President stressed that family is a backbone of the society and hence requires special protection. In the act, there are points about pro-family benefits and the protection of families with children and elders as well.

“Family has a special place in the Polish constitution. Next to marriage between a man and a woman, it is described as one of the most important institutions which is especially protected by the state. It is then promoted by the constitution, so there can be no doubt that families deserve special treatment. Nonetheless, even if we look past the law and the constitution, it is obvious that family is the backbone for every country. Family is what makes societies, and without a society there is no state”, stated the Polish head of state.

President Duda stressed that he will not allow for homosexual couples to adopt children and that marriage is reserved for a union between a man and a woman. The “Family Act” is to prevent the LGBT ideologies from being implemented into the law. Duda underlined that there will be no place for them in Poland.

“Marriage is described in the constitution as the union between a man and a woman, and only as that. There will be no other form for it. Secondly, we will not allow for homosexual couples to adopt children. It has been introduced in some other countries, but it is a foreign idea which raises too many doubts and concerns. There will be no place for it in the Polish law, at least not on my watch”, added Duda at the end of his speech.