The so-called “Rainbow disco” in front of the presidential palace was an initiative against the signing of the “Family Act” by president Andrzej Duda. Even before the event began, emotions had brewed up in social media as politicians of the Civic Platform had thought the manifestation was just a provocation of the ruling party.

“ATTENTION! Right-wing activists are organising a provocation in Warsaw today under the name “Rainbow disco in front of the palace”, to shame the LGBT communities. It is a provocative action in the style of Kremlin. DO NOT LET THEM PULL YOU INTO THIS! We will say #WeHadEnough on June 28th at the ballots”, tweeted Paweł Rabiej from the Civic Platform party.

The protest was defended by the politicians of the Left.

“Dancing, joyful youth full of tolerance for everyone! It is them, whom the Law and Justice party hates so much. It is them, whom the Civic Platform so terribly fears. It is very funny. And very sad”, responded Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk on Twitter.

“The Law and Justice party has been hysteric since the morning. Trzaskowski’s people pressure the LGBT communities to go back into hiding and talk rubbish about a supposed “provocation”. All media cannons are firing today. Meanwhile, a group of young people danced at Krakowskie Przedmieście. I honestly hope, you’re all at least ashamed of yourselves now”, added Adrian Zandberg.

According to many commentators, the happening of the LGBT communities may actually do some good for the ruling Law and Justice party.

“I have to admit, I was a bit surprised that the staff of president Andrzej Duda, by signing the Family Act, decided to put more stress on the negative message regarding the LGBT community. After all, they risked a huge social conflict. Nonetheless, something else happened – we have a division inside the opposition. There was a harsh exchange of opinions between, first and foremost, Paweł Rabiej, Magdalena Adamowicz, Roman Giertych, and politicians of the Left. I cannot recall such a harsh conflict on this side of the political scene. I think the ruling party wanted to appeal to their devoted electorate and accidentally caused a division between its opponents”, commented columnist Krzysztof Karnkowski.

“I believe that the Civic Coalition realised that Andrzej Duda can gain an edge by appealing to the conservative values, while Trzaskowski cannot gather as much support by openly supporting the LGBT communities. That is why the Civic Coalition tried to avoid the subject and make it irrelevant”, stated Jakub Jałowiczor from "Gość Niedzielny" weekly.

The so-called “Rainbow Disco” lasted for approximately 45 minutes. The police did not intervene, nor did it ask the gathered people to disperse. However, after the demonstration had ended, some participants were given fines for taking part in an illegal gathering.