The pressure at 2 weeks prior to the elections seems to be growing during this rather unusual presidential campaign. The inauguration of the 15th edition of the Gazeta Polska readers’ club reunion is being held online, due to the pandemic. Law and Justice leader, Jarosław Kaczyński, said that Andrzej Duda's counter-candidate, Rafał Trzaskowski is engaging in cultural revolutions aimed at destroying the foundation of family.


"If you do not want a cultural revolution that destroys the institution of family in Poland, you must support Andrzej Duda, instead of someone who is very much involved in this process, Rafał Trzaskowski", stated the leader of the ruling Law and Justice party, Jarosław Kaczyński.

In turn, in an interview for Polsat News Rafał Trzaskowski said that he supports civil unions. The President of Warsaw has also posted a letter on his social media to directed to Law and Justice supporters and members, in response to Jarosław Kaczyński's words.


Here is an excerpt from the letter: "We cannot live in a state of tension, conflict and crisis. We must try to be a community again, even though we are often different. Those Law and Justice politicians who know me know that that's what I am. I am always looking for a compromise and I will keep looking for it, trying to rebuild the community and respecting everyone, regardless of their views. I have no problem with you seeing me as a political opponent. But please don't look at me like the enemy, because I'm not your enemy. There is no hate in me either. I want to tell you that I really respect your views and if I become president, I am going to be your president. I will be the president building a national community. I will defend the rights of every citizen - regardless of differences in opinion".


President Andrzej Duda referred to recent speeches of the Civic Coalition presidential candidate during today’s rally in Brzeg.


"Today they are once again trying to instill upon us an ideology, it’s just different. A completely new one, although it is also neo-Bolshevism. Because if ideology is smuggled into school in order to change children's point of view and set their view of the world for them, for instance through their sexuality in childhood, something that contradicts the deepest logic of human maturation in a calm, balanced way - that is an ideology, nothing else. This wave is powerful today", responded the Polish head of state.


The latest polls indicate that a possible second round of elections will be a duel between the incumbent President Andrzej Duda and the President of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski. The first round of the elections will take place on 28 June.