“Parents have the right to defend their children against the influence of ideologies which are in opposition to their own views and opinions. They have every right to do that, guaranteed by the constitution, and if anyone wants to break that law then they are violating the constitutional rights of families. I will not agree to that. (chant) I ask you for support. We need to get through this ideological tornado as we got through many others in our history. We need to get through it and withstand it, as our roots are very strong. Our history showed it that more than once – this root is incredibly tough, let us stand by it and defend it. This is our constitutional and citizens’ duty. (cut) Let me now guarantee to my fellow compatriots, who are standing over there with rainbow banners and flags, that even though we are different, even though I will only stand by the Polish white and red flag and the EU flag, even though we have different values and beliefs, we can still have respect for each other and we should still accept each other”, stated president Duda.

Many have taken his words about the "ideological tornado" as a comparison of the LGBT community to the communist oppression, including foreign media like Reuters and Bloomberg. The incumbent head of state responded to the accusations in a series of tweets: