In recent days the presidential campaign has focused on the ideological quarrel between the candidates – many controversies were stirred by the words of president Duda about LGBT+ being an ideology and not people; then an MP of the ruling Law and Justice party, Przemysław Czarnek, said that people from the LGBT+ protest are not equal to normal people; and today Rafał Trzaskowski presented his team of defence and security advisors. In the team there is the former chief of General Command and current ambassador to Turkey, General Mieczysław Cieniuch, and the former chief of the Military Counterintelligence Service, Piotr Pytel. Trzaskowski has already announced that if he wins the elections, he will personally ask the Sejm to bring Anotni Macierewicz before the State Tribunal.

“I promise you, that if the citizens put their trust in me and I become the president of Poland, then I will file a motion to the Sejm to bring Antoni Macierewicz before the State Tribunal”, stated Trzaskowski.

Antoni Macierewicz responded to his words by saying:

“As the deputy minister of foreign affairs he was co-responsible for damaging the security of the country… All you have to do is look at who are the advisors in his team, who is standing behind him. There is, i.e. Piotr Pytel, who as an officer of the counterintelligence service, and later as its chief, during the rule of the Civic Platform party, cooperated with the Russian security services; he is currently charged with that by the prosecutor…

Meanwhile, a presidential debate is planned to be aired tomorrow on the public television service, TVP. Trzaskowski’s chief of staff, Cezary Tomczyk said that he hopes the current president of Warsaw will be able to participate, since for now the terms and rules of the debate are unknown to his team…

“President Trzaskowski is ready to participate in the debate, although his staff needs to know the rules first. As of now, we only know that the hosts will be able to interrupt the candidates. Even during the Polish People’s Republic, in the debate between Wałęsa and Miodowicz, there was no such thing”, tweeted Tomczyk.

In the opinion of columnist Jacek Prusinowski, Andrzej Duda’s team suspects they can win based on this ideological quarrel, the same way the Law and Justice party won in the EU parliamentary elections in 2019.

“Words like those spoken by MP Czarnek do not help, especially when you hear them somewhat out of context. To take away someone’s dignity or rights is probably one step too far for the Law and Justice party’s supporters, nonetheless, I think the winner will be the one who behaves rationally in all this”, commented Prusinowski.

The latest survey by the Ibris pollster shows that Andrzej Duda would win in the second round of the elections, but with a very small advantage of 0.8 percentage point.