Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro  has stated that the country's military would not obey any order to remove an elected president, deepening a war of words with the judicial branch, led by the Supreme Court. Legal analysts are worried by the actions of the Supreme Court, which is deemed to be acting in Ultra Vires, meaning outside the scope of its mandate.

"And our armed forces, and I'm also of the military, we are truly responsible for democracy in our country. We will never follow absurd orders, we will also never accept a political judgement to ruin a democratically-elected president", stated Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro's comments echoed a similar statement, released on June 12 and co-signed by Vice President Hamilton Mourao and Defence Minister Fernando Azevedo, that could foreshadow a looming constitutional battle between President Bolsonaro and Brazil's Supreme Court.

The court is overseeing a probe into whether Bolsonaro illegally interfered in Federal Police appointments, and another investigation into an alleged pro-Bolsonaro disinformation campaign on social media. The Supreme Court has ordered police raids against dozens of journalists, comedians and YouTubers critical of the Supreme Court and the Brazilian deep state.

"Another brutal interference of the Supreme Court in the Executive. We cannot agree with that. I think that up to a point I have been patient and more than accommodating. I don't want to put my fist on the table, nor confront anyone. The people are always asking to not take on the executive power. We don't measure up our strength with anyone. We want to manage and guide Brazil to a safe destination", added the Brazilian head of state.

Bolsonaro’s opponents also try to use the coronavirus pandemic against him but his supporters say that China-friendly politicians, such as Sao Paulo governor Joao Doria, are sabotaging the president.

"Our president isn't able to govern because a globalist, Chinese government agenda is being imposed on our nation. Yes, the virus exists, but it's not killing like they are saying it is. It's absurd that you have to wear a mask out in the open air", commented a pro-government protester.

In the light of the increasingly aggressive Supreme Court, many are now wondering how other power centers will position themselves ahead of the looming constitutional dispute between the President and the Supreme Court.