"Today, we have 1 million fewer unemployed than when you, Mr. Trzaskowski, worked in Donald Tusk's government. The two of you together were conducting Polish economic affairs and you steered it in a direction which all Poles can now assess for themselves. However, you have to ask yourself - what can be expected from a person who still has not presented his election program less than two days before the election silence? Poles still do not know what Rafał Trzaskowski wants to do for Poland in terms of economy and other areas. This is an open disregard for the voters. How are you to disperse those black clouds that are gathering over Europe? What is your plan, what is your programme?", stated Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

"As of today, we can say that 17 thousand benefit packages resulting from the anti-crisis shield have already been paid out, amounting to over 20 million złoty. In addition, a solidarity allowance of 1,400 złoty in June, July and August is to be paid. From September onwards, the unemployment benefit will be raised to 1200 zlotys. This comes from our concern for Polish families, for those who find themselves in a difficult situation. On the other hand, however, such actions are being taken so that the economy can return to normal. Hence, we introduced the local government investment fund - 6 billion złoty which is to aid local governments and increase the number of workplaces", added Marlena Maciąg, the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policies.