"We must do everything to ensure that Polish families live on a truly European level, including financial terms. This is not a matter of the 500+ benefit program but of salaries. Salaries in Poland must continue to grow, even more dynamically than before. This is the great task ahead of us. Experts say that at this rate of growth, the average salary in Poland in 2025, should be at a level of 1800 euros. Ladies and gentlemen, my answer is short - no. It must be 2000 euros. For this generation, which is still young and does not yet understand much, we should leave them a Poland they will not only be proud of, but which they will be able to develop further, in which they will live safely. A Poland with a fair system, an honest country which develops well and where decent living conditions are guaranteed. This is what is at stake in these elections, and this is why I ask for your support. Long live Poland!", stated the incumbent head of state.