President Andrzej Duda won the first round of the Polish presidential election by a margin 13% over his main rival.

There is no doubt that the next two weeks will see a fierce battle for undecided voters. Yesterday evening, after the reading of the results, the incumbent President, Andrzej Duda visited the city of Łowicz. Today, he visited Rypin, Kwidzyn, and Starogardzie Gdanskie.


"I would like to thank everyone who trusted me and who supported me in these elections. It is very important for me. Five years ago, I started the repair process of the Polish state after eight years of the rule by the government that I was opposed to. In my opinion, their rule meant the dismantling of Poland, especially the smaller regions outside the big cities", stated Duda in Kwidzyn.


The main rival to the incumbent president, Rafał Trzaskowski, visited Płock and Brodnica today.


"A few months ago, everything seemed to be resolved. The elections were supposed to take place on May 10th, and we were sure that President Duda was going to win without any debate, without a real election campaign, and without equal chances for every candidate. Fortunately, it turned out that there is a chance to fight, and that many people in Poland want a change!", said Trzaskowski in his speech.


According to commentators, the behavior of those who voted for Szymon Hołownia and Krzysztof Bosak will be crucial in the second round of the Polish presidential elections. Hołownia hasn't yet decided who he is going to support. Bosak, on the other hand, said that he isn’t going to support anyone.


"We won’t support any candidate, but we will be encouraging our voters to use their civil rights and vote in the second round at peace with their consciences", stated Bosak.


"It may be difficult, because Hołownia did not support Trzaskowski and we don’t know what he is going to do. He announced that he wants to create a social movement which would be against the current and the previous government. Secondly, many voters of Hołownia are against the Polish system and will not support anyone. And Rafał Trzaskowski is one of the representatives of that system", commented Paweł Lisicki, the editor-in-chief of Do Rzeczy weekly.


Rafał Trzaskowski won more votes than the Incumbent president in three voivodeships: West Pomerania, Lubusz, and Pomerania.


"The real question is: who is going to vote in the second round of the elections? Usually, when the voter turnout gets higher, there are nearly 2 million new voters in the second round of the elections. But we don’t know what the people who did not vote in the first round will do next. Sometimes, they vote in the second round just to stop someone from winning", added Dr Bartłomiej Biskup, a political scientist.


According to yesterday’s KANTAR survey conducted for TVN and TVN24, President Andrzej Duda would win 45,4% of the votes and Rafał Trzaskowski 44,7% in the second round of the Polish presidential elections. 10% of voters are still undecided.