The National Electoral Commission announced today the outcome of the first round of the presidential elections in Poland. Andrzej Duda ended up with 43.5% of support, followed by Rafał Trzaskowski with 30.36%.

A presidential debate between the two candidates who received the most votes is currently at the centre of attention. Yesterday, Rafał Trzaskowski accepted the invitation to take part in such a debate organised by the TVN station as well as the Onet and Wirtualna Polska websites. Andrzej Duda in turn agreed to participate in a debate organised by the three largest TV stations in the country.

“I appealed to the three largest TV stations to organise a joint debate, so there wouldn’t be any voices that the questions are biased. I never shy away from a debate and I am ready”, stated Duda.

The Polsat station had already offered to TVN and TVP to co-organise a debate. Public television is organising its debate in Końskie on July 6th. This location is a reference to the words of Grzegorz Schetyna from 2016 - “the elections are won in Końskie, not in Wilanów”. As TVP has announced, the debate is to take place in an unprecedented style with the audience asking the candidates questions and the host only moderating the discussion.

“Mr President Andrzej Duda, in contrast to the previous president from the Civic Platform party, Bronisław Komorowski, had already participated in two debates before the first round of the elections. He will also participate in the third debate on Monday. We invite the Onet website as well as the TVN24 station to stream the debate, we will be happy to share the footage and cooperate on this”, said Adam Bielan, the spokesman for Andrzej Duda's staff.

Rafał Trzaskowski doesn’t seem to love TVP’s idea though...

“The debate on the air of TVP would only be about substitute matters. I appeal to you, don’t be afraid, stop your manipulation. We are all tired of this, of your constant exaggerating of problems. Try to make an agreement with other TV stations, other journalists don’t bite, even if they are asking objective questions”, he commented on the matter.

Meanwhile, the political battle continues. Trzaskowski’s staff recently set up a website entitled “” or “dudastaxes” presenting a list of bills signed by president Duda which raised at least 30 different taxes. Duda’s staff responded by setting up a website of its own showcasing bills signed by the president which lowered taxes between 2015-2020. Who will prevail in this duel on arguments, we will know on July 12th when the second round of the election is over.