"Today, the President wants to talk about things which are not the most important to us at the moment.  For that reason, Mr. President, once more I challenge you to engage in a debate on the really important issues. I myself will today face journalists from 14 media outlets and will be answering tough questions, from left to right. I am not afraid, as you are", Trzaskowski commented on the matter.

"The facts are that President Andrzej Duda is not afraid to stand before Poles, he is not afraid of tough questions, he is not afraid to respond during a debate or in direct questions from the public. On the contrary, it is his opponent who is afraid of direct questions from the people. He might be afraid that they will ask why he was silent when the retirement age was going up, he is afraid that they will ask why he was voting against lowering the retirement age to the previous level, he is afraid of the common folk. He only goes out of his comfort zone outside Warsaw, during the election campaign. He does not know rural Poland, he does not know problems of the average citizen outside of the capital. And this is the main difference", in turn stated Radosław Fogiel, the deputy spokesman for the Law and Justice party.