Andrzej Duda signed the draft of a bill changing the Polish constitution and sent it to the Sejm. The legislative act will make it impossible for homosexual couples to adopt children. The initiative is to protect childrens’ rights.

“It is a very small change in the constitution, the introduction of the most basic regulations which are already in the Family Act. In accordance with the rule proposed by me, only an underage person can be adopted and only in the person’s best interest. Not much will change, only this time it will be written down in the constitution. Secondly, only a marriage will be able to adopt children, and marriage is defined in the constitution, under article 18, as a union between a man and a woman. Thirdly, a person having a same sex partner won’t be able to adopt”, stated the incumbent head of state.

“In my opinion, it is a very good move from the president, although I am not sure this will stop the invasion of the LGBT communities in Poland”, commented Mateusz Wyrwych, a journalist for the "Niedziela" weekly.

President Duda is convinced that the changes to the constitution will be supported by the majority of the Sejm. Recent statements made by Duda’s main opponent in the presidential elections, Rafał Trzaskowski, seem to confirm this prediction, even though he marched in front of the so-called “Equality Parade”, during which the LGBT communities pushed for the adoption of children by homosexual couples.

“I am against the adoption of children by homosexual couples. There is not a single political party in Poland today which would be for such a solution”, said Trzaskowski.

“Andrzej Duda stands in defence of family, at the same time putting Trzaskowski in a difficult position. Rafał Trzaskowski, while he was fighting for the office of mayor of Warsaw, presented more liberal views. Now, fighting for the electorate of the “centre”, he needs to ease down on that and it will be difficult since he is risking losing the most engaged liberals or the “central” voters”, commented Jakub Jałowiczor, a columnist for "Gość Niedzielny".