"The president of the Polish Republic, who comes from local government, will make sure that the decision making process will be as close as possible to the citizenry. So, local government always had enough funds for all projects. I want every Pole, whether in a village, small town or a big city, to have an equal chance to enjoy the same level of education, and access to healthcare. I have proposed many solutions of that sort in my program. Solutions, including special scholarships, additional funds for public healthcare, additional funds to fix our system of education. Those programs are designed also for Polish villages. That is because Polish villages were abandoned in their development. It is too bad we did not have the debate, that would be an important issue to ask the President about. Namely, where are the disaster fund payments? particularly from the drought relief fund. I am proposing a different solution, a system which will work well in such situations. This is in order to make sure that the Polish farmer has a decent income", stated Rafał Trzaskowski.