Tomorrow is the last day of the presidential campaign in Poland. Both Andrzej Duda and Rafał Trzaskowski are using this time to meet with the voters and gain their support. President Duda began his day with a meeting with the miners of the Zofiówka Mine in Jastrzębie-Zdrój.

The incumbent head of state stressed in Olkusz that during his term of office, Poland has been a country with good living conditions.

“If someone is still undecided, please compare the quality of life during the last five years and before that – how hard it had been to find a job and how much better it was in the last five years. It is a simple comparison. Let me remind you, before the elections in 2015 one of the main demands across the country was the lowering of the retirement age. And it was done, since our policy has been directed to family and people”, stated Duda.

Meanwhile in Ciechanów, Rafał Trzaskowski warned against the government of the Law and Justice party which, according to him, takes away power from the local governments. He also said he intends to be a president who unites, not divides.

“We are really talking about our program, how to help and build a better Poland. This separates us from the government. We are also capable of admitting our failures as well as our successes. We are even capable of noticing the good things our opponents have done. But Mr President Andrzej Duda is only capable of listening to the leader of the Law and Justice party Jarosław Kaczyński and is incapable of praising us for anything. He is incapable of listening to others and that is why we need a change!”, said Trzaskowski.

Election campaigns are not only election rallies, but also support on social media. MEP Janina Ochojska posted on Twitter that she supports Rafał Trzaskowski since he will introduce the so-called LGBT Act, and later edited out this point.

Everything will be resolved this Sunday. Since the difference between the candidates is so small in the pre-election opinion polls, experts point out that the voters who did not cast their votes in the first round will be the deciding factor in the second round of the presidential elections.