Capt. Witold Sura added that basic training would start on August 16. "Before starting the training, candidates must go to the nearest Army Recruiting Command to submit an application for service. This can also be done via the ePUAP platform," capt. Sura noted. Then the candidates are sent for psychological examinations and to the military medical commission. Basic training will start on August 16 and end with a solemn oath on August 30. According to the commander of the Podkarpacka brigade, colonel Dariusz Słota, the decision to put on a uniform during this difficult time is an expression of great responsibility for society and homeland. "The 16-day training is very intense, but also very varied. It contains a minimum of theory and maximum practice, including military tactics and combat shooting. So that after two weeks, volunteers who have never been in the army before, acquire the skills of using weapons safely and learn the basic principles of behaving on the battlefield", he emphasized.