Today the Chairman of the Civic Platform announced that he will demand the annulment of the presidential elections.


"We are not protesting just to protest – we just want the court to declare this election invalid", stated Borys Budka.


Thursday is the last day to lodge an election protest. According to the law, one has three days after the announcement of the election result by the National Electoral Commission. In the appeal submitted today, the Platform’s politicians point out systemic abuses in the organisation of the presidential elections.


"We believe that the court should consider the possibility of invalidating these elections. There were instances of all residents of welfare homes voting for one candidate, as well as chaos in providing voting packages for those abroad. This, of course, is the court’s decision, but we will submit a relevant motion", said Dariusz Joński from the Civic Coalition.


In the opinion of the MPs of the ruling party, the words of Borys Budka are a manifestation of emotions and a search for those responsible for Rafal Trzaskowiski's defeat.


"I would like to refer Borys Budka to the words of his older colleague from Grzegorz Schetyna's party, who said that the difference is so great that this election result must be accepted", commented Mirosława Stachowiak-Różecka from the Law and Justice party.


An election protest could be lodged in person at the Supreme Court until 4 pm, until the end of court hours. After 4 pm, a protest can be lodged via Polish post, however protests sent via email will not be considered. They can be submitted in connection with both the second and the first round of elections.


"The Left clearly says that all cases must be resolved individually, but the elections must be respected. The difference of over 400 thousand votes is clear. The candidate who won was not supported by us, but this was the choice of 10 million Poles", stated Dariusz Standerski from the Left.


The Supreme Court has 21 days to consider protests from the date of the election result to August 3. The Supreme Court may either declare the charges of protest to be unfounded, or declare the charges of protest to be legitimate but not affecting the outcome of the election; or declare the charges of the protest to be legitimate and stating that a crime or violation of the Election Code had an impact on the outcome of the election, which would mean the election may be declared invalid.