Sławomir N., head of the Ukrainian government agency dealing with road construction, former minister in the Donald Tusk government, Dariusz Z., former head of the Polish SEALS, the special forces, and Jacek P., a businessman from Gdansk, were arrested this morning in the Northern Polish city of Gdansk. The arrest was in connection with the continuing investigation of corruption and money laundering which has been run in parallel by Ukrainian and Polish anti-corruption agencies since 2017. The initial interrogations are scheduled tonight in Warsaw, after which the men might be charged with multiple counts of money laundering and corruption.

"These men have been arrested in connection with investigations of organized crime, money laundering and corruption. Tonight we plan to formulate charges against them and conduct initial hearings", Mirosława Chyr, the spokeswoman for the attorney general stated.

The investigation was conducted by Polish and Ukrainian anti corruption services. The core of the alleged crime was the help Sławomir N. allegedly offered unofficially to the road construction companies, which were not able to meet the deadlines of their projects. For a sizeable amount of money, he helped them to avoid paying hefty penalties. The money was transferred to companies created in Poland increasing their net worth.

"A few months ago, we made a joint decision with our Ukrainian counterparts, to create a special team to investigate this case. They were in close contact and exchanged vital details of the investigation on a continuing basis. I can say that on the Polish side the driving force was the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, which has gathered the highest number of documents in the evidence file", added Stanisław Żaryn, the spokesman for the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau.

The legal problems started for Sławomir N. seven years ago, when he was a minister in Donald Tusk’s government. At that time, he allegedly failed to list a very expensive watch in his report for the parliamentary register of assets.

In May 2013, Sławomir N., was charged with perjury in his parliamentary financial report. In November 2013 he gave up his parliamentary immunity and stepped down from his ministerial post in the Donald Tusk government. Donald Tusk himself stated at that time that he hoped for a speedy end to the misunderstanding and his return to his cabinet post.

Sławomir N., was hired as the head of the Ukrainian government agency dealing with road construction in 2016. Soon after that, he received Ukrainian citizenship. In September 2019 the Ukrainian minister of industry gave notice that N. would be soon dismissed from his post. Finally, N. quit the job himself.