Piotr Zaręba Chairman of the Electromobility Poland:  The ‘Izera’ brand name is just like that. It is a family-friendly brand name. At the same time, the Izera mountains are unique, and you can’t mistake them with any other mountains. And we want our brand to be like that - unique and special. You’ve asked me about our logo, which is a compass - it is very characteristic, and it is located in the middle of the logo. It shows a specific direction, and we want our brand to show a direction of electromobility. We want ‘Izera’ to enter into a new era of electromobility. As a brand, we want to be family-friendly. We’ll take a look at the inside of the car in a moment, and we’ll see how functional it is. 

HOST: Let’s talk about the characteristics of these cars. We know that they are family-friendly, but they look kind of aggressive. 

Zaręba: Maybe not aggressive, but we want people to think of them as assertive cars, cars that know their own value. These cars were made this way so they would look like they belong to the higher price ceiling, because as a new brand, we can simply afford it. We want our customers to be proud when driving a car made in Poland.