“This is a storm, this is a rainbow, this is an attack” are the words that begin the manifesto of extreme left activists, which was meant to illustrate the events that took place last night in Warsaw. Namely, a group of LGBT militants desecrated a number of monuments in the capital city of Warsaw, monuments to Polish history and heroes, but also this monument which Poles and Varsovians associate with dramatic events and the power of faith of the Polish nation. This is the statue of Christ the Savior, which stands near the Church of the Holy Cross. During the war, this monument was destroyed by the Germans, but shortly returned as a symbol of the faith and steadfastness of the Polish nation.

A discussion is one thing, but aggression is a completely different plane, breaking the law that must be met with a decisive response. We also see that this dispute is not about people who consider themselves homosexuals, who are homosexuals, but about a full ideological package. We see it in the Istanbul Convention, we can see it in the recent actions of the European Commission, which violates the principle of equality of member states, equality of local governments. We saw yesterday's decision by the European Commission that whoever is against LGBT ideology will be harassed by the European Commission. We can see how the aggressive LGBT militants, encouraged by such messages, are behaving.