In the analysis "Life Expenditure in 2019" the Central Statistical Office indicated that although in the
1990s the difference between the average life expectancy of women and men decreased (in 1991 -
9.2 years; in 2001 - 8.2 years), the first decade of the 21st century brought this value to the level of
8.7 (in 2006-2008). By 2013, it had dropped to 8.0. Since then, it has remained at a similar level, in
2019 it amounted to 7.7 years. The Central Statistical Office reports that the higher mortality among
men compared to women occurs in all age groups. It also states that in 2019 the highest life
expectancy of men was recorded in the eastern and southern macroregions - 74.5 and 74.4 years,
respectively, and 82.9 years among women in the eastern one. Men live longer in cities than in the
countryside. In Mazowieckie voivodeship this difference is the greatest and amounts to 2.7 years.
According to the Central Statistical Office, in the last three decades significant progress has been
observed in extending the average life expectancy in all voivodships.